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2016-10-17 - Silas Kale Terry - Portraits -4x6
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Norma School - Miscellaneous
Pictures that people have either sent to me, or I copied from their website, or FaceBook, but either way, I hope no one cares that I have posted these for others to see and reminisce.
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156th HEM - Norman Rex "Ricky" Lawson, Vietnam
156th Heavy Equipment Maintenance (HEM) Company.

Location was in and around Quin Nhon, DaNang and the area around Black Marble Mountain in South Vietnam, 1968-1969.
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#8 - People of Scott County - Alonzo and Anna Lawson Collection
These pictures were copied from Facebook and with permission from Alonzo and Anna Lawson, I am adding them here for your viewing pleasure and for the sole purpose of sharing with others.

If you can identify the ones that need a name, or want to comment, please do so either by email:, or at bottom of picture!
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2016-11-18 - Dinner for the "New Mayor" - James Dennis Jeffers
(Nov 18, 2016)
White Rock Baptist Church hosted a dinner for Dennis Jeffers and his family. Dennis is now Huntsville's new Mayor.
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#14 - Japanese Surrender - WWII Album
Surrender of Japan, Tokyo Bay, 2 September 1945: Japanese representatives on board USS Missouri (BB-63) during the surrender ceremonies. Standing in front are: Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu (wearing top hat) and General Yoshijiro Umezu, Chief of the Army General Staff. Behind them are three representatives each of the Foreign Ministry, the Army and the Navy. They include, in middle row, left to right: Major General Yatsuji Nagai, Army; Katsuo Okazaki, Foreign Ministry; Rear Admiral Tadatoshi Tomioka, Navy; Toshikazu Kase, Foreign Ministry, and Lieutenant General Suichi Miyakazi, Army. In the back row, left to right (not all are visible): Rear Admiral Ichiro Yokoyama, Navy; Saburo Ota, Foreign Ministry; Katsuo Shiba, Navy, and Kaziyi Sugita, Army. (Identities those in second and third rows are from an annotated photograph in Naval Historical Center files.)
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E. Ray Austin's Vietnam - Album #3
(Jan 1, 1969)
ALL MAY NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN IN 1969 - A collection of my pictures, and others that were donated, covering my "2 tours of duty" in Vietnam starting from January 1969 until January 1970, and again from January 1971 until January 1972, with a special focus on the "Siege of DAK TO and BEN HET" - May thru July 1969, and Fire Support Base (FSB) 6 located on Rocket Ridge overlooking the Dak To Valley.

1-Operational Reports of the 1st Battalion 92nd Artillery, my Unit:
2-Another good story is at
3-An excellent YouTube video also:
4-The battle of Ben Het Vietnam (1969):
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6th Battalion 14th Artillery - Vietnam - Album #1
U.S. Army's 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment


"Siege of Ben Het" - Special thanks goes to Ken Bailey for all the articles.

"An Ordeal In Dirt and Death... Ben Het at night is a scene that is at once beautiful and fascinating, weird and horrible. Dali, Goya, Bach, The Beatles, Hemingway and Zanuck would understand. Flares hang in the sky, casting milky, light purple shadows. A plane drones and circles overhead, periodically spitting streams of fiery tracers at enemy positions."
- B. Drummond Ayers, Jr. June 30, 1969 - New York Times

No words from the print media ever quite captured a moment in Vietnam battle history like these of Drummond Ayers and perhaps no besieged, ragged, jungle-matted mountain locations other than Ben Het, Dak Seang and Dak To could have inspired them. Due to their proximity to the tri-border and Ho Chi Minh Trail this was no doubt some of the most important and fought over terrain in the Central Highlands.
Year after year Ben Het was in the center of the NVA's sights and 1968 and 1969 were no exceptions. One of the many 6/14 Warbonnets entrenched at Ben Het May through July 1969 was brother Ken Bailey. There were several batteries of artillery under LTC Kenneth R. Bailey, some quad-mount anti-aircraft guns in a ground defense role, M-48 tanks, and reinforcing companies of Civilian Indigenous Defense Group (CIDG) strikers from the camps at Dak Pek and Mang Buk. Command of all U.S. Artillery forces physically located at Ben Het was assigned to LTC Kenneth R. Bailey, who was the current commander of 6th Battalion 14th Artillery.

Ken kept a scrapbook of newspaper clippings gathered by his wife, other family and friends. Also Stars and Stripes editions collected by Command Sergeant Major Richard Chrapczynski that covered the daily dramatic events from June 23rd through July 11th.

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